The Enterprise Software ESS

The Enterprise Software Solution - ESS is Customer Relation Management, Enterprise Resource Planner and a Web Shop in one system. The database in ESS can be extended completly to your needs, even without database knowledge. Also the Web Shop and interfaces to external systems can be adapted or created.

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Reasons for using ESS

Each company has special needs concerning the IT. These needs change over time, adapting them will ease the daily work enormously. ESS is developed to adapt easily to your needs.

ESS and the living room

Suppose you have a 25sqm living room. Would you then go to a furniture store and buy furniture for a 500sqm living room? Would you then order a carpenter, saw some of the new furniture and kind of ugly, roughly matching the accommodates in your living room? Would you then store the rest of the furniture in the basement, because you never know when you need them? Possibly there will also be some pieces loosley left in the living room and you fret about it every day, maybe even stumble over it?

This is the experience we encounter every day in business. Big software packages are purchased and tried to be adapted to the needs of the company. More over, only about 10 percent of the software is used. The rest of the software confuses employees, makes the daily work painfull. We counter this problematic with ESS.

We listen to you, build the software you need. It all takes place step by step together with your staff. The conversion takes only a few days. ESS is fast, efficient, flexible... we would like to convince you with a personal presentation.

CRM including e-mail backup

The customer management offers of course standard list of companies, contacts, appointments, calendar, reminder, import of vCards, etc.
In addition, all e-mails to which an email address has been entered into ESS, are imported and saved to the contact. Thus, you and your colleagues always have a full overview of what was agreed with the customer.
Addresses are linked to map views, which open in one click. Customer data are also available on mobile phones.

Billing and reminders, account overview

Of course, you can create invoices. By importing the account list payed invoices will be marked as paid with the corresponding date. In addition, transaction data of your account may be stored. The advantage is, besides the history, a much more feasible overview to e.g. standing orders or invoices.
Reminders are displayed in the daily report. You can decide how to respond. By the way, the daily report will show you not only today's activities, but also the past and future ones. So you can see, who will be delayed in payment tomorrow.

Web Shop or Homepage

Depending on your needs, you can decide how you want build up the website. All traditional and modern technologies are available: Flash, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML5, ...
This interface can also be used to give partner access to a certain part of your business data. For example, external sales may get acces to customers of their region. Updates of them will be saved directly into the system and you are always on the current status.

Up-to-date charts

All statistical data in the database can be represented as charts. So you always have the latest numbers. These graphics can easily been taken over into your presentation by copy and paste. Our experience tells us that over time more and more reports of this type are interesting for our customers.

Import · Export, integration of external systems

ESS has many interfaces to external systems:
  • import / export to native Excel
  • calling the business logic via SOAP
  • PDF generation of all lists and forms
  • charts as images simply by copy and paste
  • MT940 or CSV account data import, paid invoices are automatically marked
  • Import vCards including images, iCal appointments
  • integration of HTML / RSS Internet applications
  • email import and assignment to the contact
  • VBA interface to integrate MS Office applications

Online · Offline, work worldwide, with or without Internet connection

You can log in both from any computer with Internet access (Java is the only requirement, nothing else) or even offline with an installed client. You do not have to choose one or the other variant. If necessary, you can for example add notes offline within client meetings and synchronise later on. Even on holiday in any Internet cafe you may acces you business data. Supported operating systems are Mac OS X, Linux, Windows.

Die ESS philosophy

Our approach to enterprise software ESS is to provide you with a standard package including a solid customer management, product catalog and Web Shop / Internet presence. This can be individually extended to your personal needs. In this case your requirements result in new database tables, views, forms, evaluations. The software is set up tailor-made. These extensions are implemented so easily and quickly, so that no great cost arise. You can change this by every database administrator and / or HTML developer.

ESS is suitable for...

... all companies, small ones as well as large enterprises. Freelancers and those who only need one license will profit additionally, since the first license is and remains free of charge.